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Edgewater Garage Doors | Where Are All The Garage Door Repairwomen?

One question has puzzled man since the beginning of time – why are there no female garage door technicians?

Where have all the garage door repairwomen gone?

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You would think it’s obvious to everyone that women would make MUCH better garage door technicians than their clumsy male counterparts, but let’s examine the relative attributes.

AGILITY: Men are less agile than women. They bump into stuff and break stuff more often – it’s a scientific fact!

SPEED: Men are faster at things like personal grooming and hygiene, but women get any job done quicker – with less hoopla.

STRENGTH: Women have been masquerading as the “weaker” sex for centuries, but the truth is they’re not. A woman can wrench open a pickled onion jar using 60,000 pounds of torque power from her left wrist; and you do NOT want to get caught standing between a woman and a rack of discounted designer shoes!

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BRAINS: This one is a no-brainer. Women can think on their feet, evaluate the situation through unbiased eyes, and choose the best person for the job. Men, on the other hand, want to do everything themselves; they have problems delegating tasks to others, they have problems playing nice with others.

ATTRACTIVENESS: Yes, men finish second in the “looks” department. They’re not so pretty, so it doesn’t matter so much if they lose an eye to a flying garage door bracket, or have their upper face re-arranged by a snapping cable. Women like to look their best, so they try hard to avoid facial scars and prosthetic lips.

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In conclusion, women realize that garage door repair is unnecessarily risky, inherently dangerous, and a fool’s game.

There are no female garage door repairwomen because women are smarter than men.

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