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Edgewater Garage Doors | Included with each service

Every time we make a house call for one of our customers, there are a series of things that are included with each service that aren’t itemized on an invoice; in fact, they aren’t even really mentioned.  In fact, most people don’t even know that they even happen.  Do you know what they are?  Likely not, but I’m here to shed some light on the few things that are included for free with each service:

  • Our expertise.  All of our technicians bring their brains with them, which means a plethora of experience and knowledge.
  • Inspection of other components.  Each time we service a garage door, we inspect the entire system to ensure that everything is operating as it should.
  • Our commitment.  We’re committed to providing an exceptional experience each time we come out, for everyone.

You would be hard pressed to find other companies that add this much value for free when they come out!

Edgewater Garage Doors | Star Wars & Garage Doors

Quick!  What do Star Wars and your garage door have in common?  Give up?

Well, both can easily take your hands off.

Garage Door Repair Gone Wrong


Trust us when we say you don’t want that to happen to you.  So what gives? Why does your garage door want to make you like Luke Skywalker?  Well, it doesn’t, but because it is so complex, and because the springs can store an immense amount of energy, performing DIY repairs can be a very dangerous task.

That’s why it is best to leave these sorts of things to the professionals–  Not only do we understand the risks, but we’re well seasoned and know how to properly fix a garage door without ending up like a character from Star Wars.

Edgewater Garage Doors | Never too late for “Spring Cleaning”

When most people think of spring cleaning, one thing comes to mind: Cleaning your home, getting ready of trash, holding a yard sale, selling old junk on Craigslist, etc.

But there’s another type of spring cleaning that is often forgotten but so important:  Cleaning your garage door springs.  These bad boys are the big movers of your garage door system, and without them clean and free to move, your entire garage door system is going to have some issues.

So make sure you take care of your spring cleaning, even if it’s not spring!

Edgewater Garage Doors | What your car and a garage door have in common

When you think about your garage door, do you think it has a lot in common with your car?  Don’t be upset if you don’t immediately get the connection–  Most people don’t, but when it comes to your car and garage door, they both require regular preventative maintenance to ensure they operate properly, and to ensure that you avoid some very costly repairs down the road.

And example is how a coolant flush preserves your car’s radiator, and is a relatively small cost in relation to a new radiator + installation.  This is not unlike regular maintenance for your garage door opener vs. the replacement of your garage door opener due to neglect.

Make the smart choice and keep up on your garage door!  We’ll see you in 3,000 miles!

Edgewater Garage Doors | Where Are All The Garage Door Repairwomen?

One question has puzzled man since the beginning of time – why are there no female garage door technicians?

Where have all the garage door repairwomen gone?

Edgewater Garage Door Repair Women

You would think it’s obvious to everyone that women would make MUCH better garage door technicians than their clumsy male counterparts, but let’s examine the relative attributes.

AGILITY: Men are less agile than women. They bump into stuff and break stuff more often – it’s a scientific fact!

SPEED: Men are faster at things like personal grooming and hygiene, but women get any job done quicker – with less hoopla.

STRENGTH: Women have been masquerading as the “weaker” sex for centuries, but the truth is they’re not. A woman can wrench open a pickled onion jar using 60,000 pounds of torque power from her left wrist; and you do NOT want to get caught standing between a woman and a rack of discounted designer shoes!

Edgewater Garage Doors

BRAINS: This one is a no-brainer. Women can think on their feet, evaluate the situation through unbiased eyes, and choose the best person for the job. Men, on the other hand, want to do everything themselves; they have problems delegating tasks to others, they have problems playing nice with others.

ATTRACTIVENESS: Yes, men finish second in the “looks” department. They’re not so pretty, so it doesn’t matter so much if they lose an eye to a flying garage door bracket, or have their upper face re-arranged by a snapping cable. Women like to look their best, so they try hard to avoid facial scars and prosthetic lips.

Edgewater Garage Door Repair Technicians

In conclusion, women realize that garage door repair is unnecessarily risky, inherently dangerous, and a fool’s game.

There are no female garage door repairwomen because women are smarter than men.

Edgewater Garage Doors

Edgewater Garage Doors Satisfaction Guarantee

There are other garage door companies that will take your money and run. Edgewater Garage Doors is not one of them. We offer a satisfaction guarantee with all of our garage door repairs.

Edgewater Garage Doors

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